Penguins Can’t Fly. I Can’t Fly. Therefore I am a Penguin – Mug and Coaster

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  • Mug and coaster set.
  • Packaged in polystyrene casing and cardboard box.
  • Design printed on both sides of mug with matching coaster.
  • Perfect mug for gift.
  • Fun designs for every occasion.

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Everyone loves penguins! And everyone wants to be one! The staff here at The Inky Penguin have used our incredible deduction skills to make it possible for everyone to be our favorite animal! If you can’t fly then you 100% a penguin! Let everyone know what you are with this cute mug! Treat yourself or hint to your friends and family! Makes a great birthday or Christmas present for a penguin!

Lovely mug and coaster set perfect for gifting!

Item Condition: New. New and delivered in protective packaging
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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm